Before submitting any images please be aware:

- We are primarily looking for images of "Stuff" ON your Wiener, not your Wiener on stuff. Of course we are suckers for cute Doxie photos so you never know what will make the front page. 🙂

- The bigger the picture file the better! Images that are submitted with a low resolution will be automatically rejected. Please submit the largest resolution you have available. Take the photo or scan at the highest resolution your camera/scanner will allow.

-Please include owner and doxie's name in the email so proper credit can be attributed. DO NOT SEND PICTURES SOMEONE ELSE TOOK. Do not submit pictures you found elsewhere on the internet! -There is no per person submission limit, submit all the pictures you want, then keep an eye out as they will not be posted all at once, they will be posted over time. - Be safe! Don’t put your Dachshund in a compromising situation, your submission will be discarded if your furkid appears to be in any sort of danger. - Depending on the volume of submissions you may not see your photo appear right away, there may be some delay from submission to posting. Please read our Terms of Submission agreement before submitting any content! How to submit your own picture: Use the form below, post to our Facebook Page, or  send images, questions or comments to [email protected] . Multiple submissions are welcome and very much encouraged. JPEG ( .jpg) format images are preferred, but any file format is welcome. Fields with an asterisk ( * ) are required.