Baxter with Penny's harness on his head. So I must confess, this is not an unbiased post today. We really enjoy reading Baxter and his mom's blog. We've come to really wonder what Baxter and his friend duk duk are up to from day to day and it's a great treat to find out as we follow On top of their spectacular adventures, Baxter's mom makes some amazing harnesses, so we ordered one for our Penny. Boy did she ever come up with a marvelous creation, which by the way you can see Baxter modeling in the photo above.  🙂 You can see his full post including additional close-ups of the harness here. If you'd like to purchase one of her harnesses or many other wonderful creations please visit her etsy shop: p.s. This is a personal endorsement, we purchased the harness, there was no pay for post.